How Were The COVID-19 Economic Stimulus Packages Funded?

Did the government provide everything in the ESPs?

All nine economic stimulus packages (ESPs) amounted to RM 530 billion, if you add up the allocated costs of each programmes. 

However, this amount does not come out from our government’s pocket. The government is not the only one funding and providing all the programmes.

Did the government pay for everything?
So, who funded the ESPs?

So, who else funded the ESPs?

The ESPs are funded by 3 parties: 

  • Government
  • Government ecosystem (GLCs, statutory bodies)
  • Private entities

Some programmes/initiatives were jointly funded by two of the parties above.

And ... Who funded how much?

GOV = Government | ECO = Government ecosystems | PRI = Private entities

Some facts…

  • Loan moratoriums made up an estimated RM 210 billion across the ESPs; in other words, 40% of the total ESP value was only the estimated value of deferred payments.

  • EPF withdrawal schemes are the largest resource contribution solely from the private sector (RM 70 billion announced in ESPs). Although EPF accounts are held by a government-linked investment company, they represent the savings of private citizens, hence these are considered private sector contributions.

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